Thyroid Ultrasound

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Thyroid Ultrasound

A thyroid ultrasound is a simple and painless exam that can help find the reason for symptoms like tiredness, temperature sensitivity, or unexpected weight changes. At EloRose Diagnostic Ultrasound LLC, experienced sonographer Jillian Rogers, RDMS, AB, leads a group of American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) registered technicians in providing high-quality thyroid ultrasounds at dramatic discounts. Prices are 40-60% lower than anywhere else, and no referral is needed. Call the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, office or book your appointment online now. 

Thyroid Ultrasound Q & A

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When might I need a thyroid ultrasound?

A thyroid ultrasound produces images of the thyroid gland positioned in the front of your neck. Your thyroid gland produces hormones that help regulate many things, including your heartbeat and metabolism. 

In a thyroid ultrasound, technicians are looking for problems in the thyroid gland or in the nearby lymph nodes and other tissues. A thyroid ultrasound can detect problems such as thyroid nodules (lumps in the thyroid gland) or an enlarged thyroid gland. 

So, you might need a thyroid ultrasound if you’re having symptoms of thyroid disease, for example, feeling run down, unexpected weight changes, or being particularly sensitive to cold or heat. 

Or, your doctor may recommend a thyroid ultrasound if they detect a thyroid nodule during a physical exam and want a closer look at the nodule from within the body. An ultrasound can also help determine whether a thyroid nodule is benign or malignant. 

If you already have a thyroid nodule, you may need a thyroid ultrasound to monitor it (check for signs of growth or other changes) over time. 


What can I expect during a thyroid ultrasound?

Thyroid ultrasounds are comfortable procedures at EloRose Diagnostic Ultrasound LLC. Your technician smooths a clear gel on your neck, which helps the ultrasound transducer move smoothly. 

They apply the transducer to your neck, pressing gently to deliver the sound waves that create images of your thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, lymph nodes, and other tissues nearby. The images appear on a nearby screen, so your technician can move the transducer in certain ways to capture detailed pictures in real-time. 

At the end of your ultrasound exam, your technician removes the gel from your neck, and you can return to your normal daily routine. 


How should I get ready for a thyroid ultrasound?

You don’t have to do anything special to prepare your body for a thyroid ultrasound, but it’s important to dress properly. EloRose Diagnostic Ultrasound LLC recommends wearing a shirt that’s open at the neck, and you should remove all jewelry (necklaces or chains) around your neck ahead of your thyroid ultrasound. 

A thyroid ultrasound can help you get to the bottom of your current symptoms so you can take the next step in treatment. Call EloRose Diagnostic Ultrasound LLC or click on the provided online scheduling link to set up your thyroid ultrasound today. 

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